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    Reaper - Exporting as MP3

    Hello Everyone,

    I have downloaded and tried to work the LAME encoder for exporting MP3 files on Reaper and just cannot get it to work!! Does anyone know if a very basic step by step tutorial for doing this? Or could anyone give me basic step by step instructions on this forum - including which version to download, where to download it, where to save it once it is downloaded, and what to do on Reaper then to get it to export to MP3. Thank you very much in advance!!


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    Re: Reaper - Exporting as MP3

    Yea dude, just copy the lame_enc.dll into your reaper folder, just do that & you're fine, just did it yesterday after reinstalling Reaper

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    Re: Reaper - Exporting as MP3

    that totally worked for me, thanks!

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    Re: Reaper - Exporting as MP3

    Yeah worst comes to worst, you can render as wav and use winff

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