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    Zoom R16 64-bit drivers realeased!

    The long awaited 64-bit drivers for windows 7 (and other versions of windows) has been released by zoom japan and it is now available on their website for download!

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  3. Re: Zoom R16 64-bit drivers realeased!


    You must be talking about ASIO drivers.

    Are they fast enough to record several track in the same time
    without any sync issue and cracking sound ?

    Is the latency inferior to 10 ms ?

    And so are you satisfied with this product ?

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    Re: Zoom R16 64-bit drivers realeased!

    The latency isnt as killer as firewire, however i do record on all 8 tracks regularly.

    I usually record on my laptop which only has a core 2 duo and a slow hard drive so i have the latency on 44.1/24 setting buffer to 256 samples giving a ~6.3 / 8.7ms latency.

    However, I just did a test record on my desktop which has an i7, with recording 8 tracks at the same time i can record 96/24 with a 256 buffer giving a ~2.5/6.6ms latency (9ms if combine input + output).

    I am using Reaper DAW.

    Overall you can say that I am satisfied.

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