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    Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Hi, I've just brought a Zoom H4n recorder & I'm having trouble installing the ASIO driver, just wondering if anyone can help...

    The H4n installs automatically when it's plugged in to a usb port, that works without a problem... the next step is install the asio driver (which I downloaded from Zoom's website) I've followed all the steps carefully, installed the new system version, etc, but when I try and install the asio driver, it get's to the end of the installation process and says it's been unsuccessful I've tried using a different usb port but still no luck...

    ....any ideas?

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Simo, unfortunately, I share in your misfortune. I think my problems are because I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. What operating system are you using?

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    I'm running Vista 64 bit

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Have you tried installing the asio driver without the zoom plugged into the usb port ?

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Yes, I've tried installing the asio driver without the Zoom plugged into the USB port. I believe I've limited the problem to an incompatibility with the .inf file (\Program Files\ZOOM\H Series Driver\zmhhpaudio.inf) in either Vista or Vista 64. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. I tried installing the Asio drivers on my desktop running Windows XP and it installed perfectly.

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Originally Posted by jagcmos
    Have you tried installing the asio driver without the zoom plugged into the usb port ?
    The driver installation program requires the zoom to be connected during the installation, if you don't then it won't finish the installation.

    I've run out of options at the moment the main reason I brought it was to record acoustic guitars but without being able to use it as an audio interface it's not much use to me, which is a shame seeing as the recording I've done using the SD card has produced some great results.

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Dido. I'm hoping for updated drivers soon. In the meanwhile, I've set my computer up to dual boot with Windows XP - a lot of work, I know, but it was either that or return it.

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Glad to hear I'm not alone in this problem.
    Just bought a new laptop with win 7 today and the H4N asio driver won't install.
    A bit dissappointing, not critical though as asio4all seems to work ok with it.
    Not really given the new system a full test with lots of plugins, but will update in a day or so.

    Hopefully we'll get Zoom cracking on the new drivers.

    Anyone written to their support team?
    Just sent an email with this thread attached, hopefully we'll get some action. There haven't been any updates in ages.
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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Got this reply, might be waiting a long time.

    Dear Xxxxxxxxx,

    Firstly, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, the H-Series ASIO driver doesn't support the Windows 7 64bit edition.
    Although we do not have any specific plan to release a 64bit OS compatible driver,
    I will forward your feedback to our development team for future reference.

    Sincerely yours,
    ZOOM Corporation.

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Doesn't Windows 7 have any options to emulate a 32 bit OS?
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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    32 bit apps run no problem.
    It runs 32 bit plugins inside 64 bit apps even (eg: EzDrummer inside Reaper 64)
    The asio driver just doesn't want to play nice.
    Tried the various compatibility modes too by getting 7 to emulate xp.
    I'm getting decent latency with asio4all and even directsound drivers on both the h4n and built in sound card.

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    I have this problem too, it's Really frustrating as i bought a new computer just to be able to record again (My old computer random disconnects the h4n from the usb for some reason). Also i have Windows 7 64bit.

    Ima test Asio4all, but i hope they do update it soon. : (

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Tried Asio4all now. I can't seem to get any signal through Cubase 5 to it. I go onto Devices and i change to asio4all, then i go to control panel and make sure H4n Is checked but then when i try to record or monitor i get no signal. I get signal though if i use

    Asio DirectX full duplex driver

    instead but i do get HUGE latency because it just goes through the mic and the cpu soundcard i think.

    What must i do to get asio4all to pick up signal from the H4? Please help

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Sorry Melta, it just picked it up right away fro me.
    I haven't used cubase in years because of the problems I kept having when configuring the audio I/O.

    I ended up downgrading to win7 32 bit and was able to run the standard zoom drivers with no issue. The latency is still a bit rubbish compared to my Delta1010le but at least it makes the h4n useable.

    The sad thing is that my PC was just a bit faster running 64 bit(Sigh).

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Good news, i got it to work =) just had to change the frequency setting on the zoom and then change the buffer thing in asio4all. Works very fine tbh and i got less than 10ms latency.

    Thanks anyways ^^

  16. Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Could you give some more specific, I am a complete newbie?

    "just had to change the frequency setting on the zoom (TO WHAT?)

    and then change the buffer thing in asio4all how do I get cubase to see the asio4all?

    Thanks in advance, sorry for dumb questions I am just learning here.

  17. Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Here is the response I got FYI....

    Firstly, we are sorry for the trouble you have gone through.

    Unfortunately, the H-series ASIO driver is not compatible with 64-bit operating systems.
    However, we plan to release a 64-bit OS compatible driver in April or later. Thank you for your patience.

    In the meanwhile, please use the Windows standard driver.
    To use the OS standard MME driver with the Cubase LE 4, please select "ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver" as VST audio system from the
    Device Setup window.

    We cannot guarantee, but some user seem to use the latest version of asio4all (ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver) with 64bit operating

    ZOOM Corporation.
    Curt MidnighStar Video -

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Hi there curt, i had exactly the same problems but finally worked it out. Heres what i did step by step. You dont need to have the zoom h4n (or other) device plugged in for this to work,

    1) download ASIO4ALL software
    2) Open Cubase
    3) Go to DEVICES
    4) Choose Device set up
    5) When this window opens there is " VST AUDIO SYSTEM" in the top right corner of the window
    6) Below this is a bar with Asio driver, choose ASIO4ALL in this bar and enter
    7) Close all by X in top right corner
    8) reload cubase and it should load with no problems or notices

    Hope this is of some help to you my man, it really is a pain in the hairy extremeties to get this working, you would think it would be a lot easier these days, Kenny

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Good news, everyone, Zoom just released Vista/Windows 7 (32/64 bit) compatible ASIO drivers for the H4n.

    Download Software

    If you download and install before I do please update the forum on your success.

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    Re: Zoom H4n Asio Drivers

    Zoom has released a Win7 64-bit ASIO driver version for the H4n:

    Download Software

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