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    Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Steinberg Cubase LE Description
    Cubase LE is part of Steinberg's professional range of Cubase music production software and features the same industry standard technologies and pristine sound quality that have made Cubase both a household name and the software of choice for platinum artists around the world. With a full range of tools ready for audio and MIDI recording and mixing, Cubase LE is both fully cross platform and easily upgradeable to the full versions of Cubase 4/Studio4 through the Steinberg website. Cubase LE is also fully upwards compatible, so all Cubase LE projects can be opened and worked on all higher Cubase versions.

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  3. Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Quality: 9
    This review is for the latest Version, Cubase LE 4. My version came bundled with my PreSonus Firestudio Project. Upon starting work with it (I previously acquainted myself with Cubase SE3), I was shocked. The interface was a little bit more "artsy", but everything else was great - that is, the same or better as SE3. My favorite feature of this Limited Edition software is the ability to use 8 INSERTS and 8 SEND EFFECTS ON EACH CHANNEL!!! Everything else is kinda dwarfed by this. As typical for entry level recording software, you can use VST plugins and instruments and do all the Audio and MIDI recoding expected from a DAW.

    Reliability: 6 (UPDATE: 9!)
    Everything is flawless except for all the "process effects". By this, I mean that by selecting an audio clip, then going to Audio=>Process=>[effect], flat out doesn't work. Actually, doing so causes a fatal error that crashes Cubase LE. As of January, Steinberg acknowledged the problem but hadn't issued any fixes. There may be some out there now or in the future. Other than that, it holds up very well. UPDATE: An update issued in february corrected this issue. It works as intended.

    Overall Rating: 8 (UPDATE: 9!)
    For a 48 track DAW, this is one pretty sweet setup. The 8 inserts and effect sends are really great. It would be nice to be able to use the process effects, but there are ways around it by means of plugins and automation. Overall, I am incredibly happy with this. My only cause to upgrade out of the LE is if I need more than 48 tracks. It might seem limiting, but unless you do a lot of layering, then you shouldn't run into a problem.

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Been using Logic Studio 8 on my Mac G5 since it's release. It's a TRULY Amazing DAW but rather CPU & RAM intensive. I also have Tracktion 3 and it's not as intensive but has this "8-bit" look to it that turns me off (I know - but GUI's are important to me). Just picked up a PreSonus AudioBox USB and packaged with it was Cubase LE 4. I LOVE THIS APP! From the start I felt right at home with it since I had used Cubase SX 1.07 for years until the new OS (Leopard) killed all functionality. Cubase LE 4 is great - works slick - produces great sounding recordings and I love the VST support too. Logic is AU only and I had a few VST's that didn't "wrap" right using the FXwrapper program (converts VST's to AU's) - now I can use all my VST's. I'm using Cubase LE 4 more and more these past few days and can't believe it was thrown in FREE.

    The 1st night I was right at home with it. Logic Studio is an AMAZING suite of apps but since I basically record Guitar only (drums, bass, etc are all midi stuff done with my midi KB or I use "loops" to add my guitar to) Logic is really OVERKILL for me - Cubase LE 4 is perfect. I love it.
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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    What's the difference between Cubase LE and the full version? I'm about to buy Cubase or some kind of recording software and am trying to make a decision.

    Another post here: Vocal reverb

    says that the reverb in this version of Cubase isn't any good??

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    I have been using cubase le for a couple of years. I got it with my Firepod. "They" say with the full version, more inserts can be used on any given track. I don't know any other differences. I use additional plug-ins for other effects or sends. I would like to upgrade to Nuendo. I have tried it and I love it even if it is overkill. My budget won't let me do it right now, tho.


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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    I was searching the web for Cubase LE, but just found Cubase Essentials. Are these pretty much the same?

  8. Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Cubase LE is only bundled with hardware. Cubase essentials is LE made available to everyone.

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Thanks, that's just what I needed to know!

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Very intuitive interface. After printing and reading the Get Started guide I was able to make the first recordings. So easy to start with.

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    strangdogs, I like your tube amp quote. Speaking of which, I am using the tube plugin on Cubase LE4 for vocal enhancement, and I like it better than an Aphex...
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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Can anyone tell me what the learning curve is on the Cubase LE software? Just getting into recording so definitely at a beginner stage! Thanks for the help

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    The first steps AFTERreading the qiuck start up, is very easy. You'll be ready in 1 hour to do your first recordings and editing. Then later on you want more and start reading aditional manuals.

  14. Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    I found Cubase LE a little less intuitive than earlier versions - it is fairly easy to get up and running , but its the shortcuts and things that make productivity easier that are a but fiddly. Placing locators is one example that I find a bit less easy to work with now, and the manual isnt always the clearest.
    Overall though when you get going and have the basics down it really is extremely powerful. For the price (in my case zero with a Multimix 8 USB2) It cant be beat.
    I do have the odd gripe occasionaly that I cant work out - like sometimes recording audio which wont play back even though there is a waveform there, its not muted , the fader isnt lowered , nothing else is soloed and it will play back in the editor. No doubt it means ive done something stupid but cant figure for the life of me what.

  15. Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    I have been using LE for about a year and a half now and I love it, Although I plan on hooking up an PV14 usb mixer to it real soon to record live drums, I guess I will find out how much I like it after that. I have used Cubase vst 24 for almost 7 years before I purchased the LE platform and the transistion was pretty easy.
    Just another mix, thats all!

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    I'm using Cubase 4 LE more and more lately - it's really all I need for Guitar recording - Logic Studio is nice but kinda OVERKILL for what I do - I record my Guitar (usually 3 takes - 1 panned left, 1 panned right and 1 center with some slight delay) then add Bass using either an Octaver with my Boss GS-10 or use a Bass instrument with my Yamaha KB, and then USUALLY just find some drum loops I can use - I sometimes do my own drums with my midi keyboard but I'm so lazy... Lately I like to do the drums 1st - find a good beat and somewhat of a BPM timing I like - tweak it up a bit then start adding guitar and bass... Cubase is great. I also have the AI version too - came with something? Don't remember what? Looks about the same as LE except it has some sort of included midi instrument (think it's called Halion) that I don't use anyways as I'm really NOT a keyboard player. Wish I was though as Logic has so many great keyboard instruments - the Piano & Strings combo is really beautiful sounding on my Yamaha but if ain't got strings and frets I'm a total klutz. My wife plays beautifully and tried over and over to give me lessons but it just ain't my bag although I do a "mean" HEART & SOUL
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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Im using Cubase LE,
    I've recorded two audio tracks and made a midi drum track(through GM map),
    Problem is:

    When i export audio mixdown, it doesn't include the Drum track.
    Alternatively i tried exporting only midi track, but it gave the piano sound instead of drums.
    Please help me out!

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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Welcome. This is a review thread. Go to the Forum Jump pulldown and navigate to Cubase forum and start a thread there. I'm sure you get some help.
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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Quality: 9
    Have used both LE and LE4. Quite a big difference between those, including that LE4 does NOT have Rewire (so ended up having to buy Essential when got my Presonus Firestudio Project) - nevertheless, LE and LE4 are both great product. Cubase LE is probably a bit easier for the beginner, but LE4 has more sends and inserts. Both work really well and are far more competent than I had hoped for.

    Reliability: 9
    Assuming your computer and interface is set up properly, both work without any problems

    Overall Rating: 9
    Well, I just "did". Note that LE and LE4 versions can be hardware specific: my LE did not run well with the Presonus, so had to migrate to LE4 - but needed Rewire so bought Essential. I will probably buy Propellerheads' Record when it comes out, just for the hell of it. But to date, I can do anything I need to do with the light Cubase stuff.
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    Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Quality: 9
    Cubase is definitely stable enough to get the work done. It sounds good, and has options for rendering (exporting) to various quality of output. from 44.1k/16bit to 96k/32bit. Windows media player accepts the .wav output and burns to CD without 'any' problem. Nero appears to be unable to recognize Cubase's output .wav files. Windows Media Player does it fairly seamlessly.

    Reliability: 7
    It's fairly reliable, but will go 'poof' (just disappear or drop out or exit) now and then; particularly when loading/tweaking a lot of VST plug-ins (especially if the plug-ins are CPU hogs or a tad buggy in their own right), or when doing edits on the various tracks, in the middle of playback. That it works as well as it does in real-time editing is actually quite impressive. Also, the ASIO drivers are 'lost' here and there, but are easy enough to re-establish. This is with version 4.1.2. The quirks can be worked through (save your work often), but it isn't 100% rock solid/stable. It's definitely good enough, though.

    Overall Rating: 9
    The thing with needing a 3rd party encryption key or somesuch was a bit offputting. The workstation requires an internet connection for this. Not having an internet connection on that machine, this was problematical. The Steinberg tech support was above average, and helped me work through this, as well as some latency problems (a software patch made the latency acceptable). As far as getting the encryption thing squared away, I had to establish a dial-up connection on the workstation (it is not my internet broadband computer). The ' software dongle thing' was enough of a hassle that it left me wondering if I could find some other 'DAW' app, without such 'baggage.' Over time thought I realized that the thing is, Cubase works; and it works very well. With the tech support issues 98% in the rear view mirror, Cubase is working well enough. This came with a Lexicon Lambda at $149 or thereabouts. Having migrated over from the world of standalone recorders (BOSS BR-900 CD), Cubase LE 4 is light years ahead of that. Employing even a simple line signal, a guitar recording in Cubase can - with VST plug-ins and layering - surpass the quality of the COSM effects provided in the BOSS machines. Add to that a world of virtual synths, and practically unlimited signal chain effects, and you have great music making machine! At this point, I would definitely purchase a Lambda again under the same circumstances; and actually recommend this. Now, there may be some free 'DAW' software out there that could replace Cubase, and eliminate the encryption hassle. On the other hand, with the encryption bugbear behind me, Cubase works; and it easily works 'well enough,' and time which would be spent learning another DAW (REAPER, Darkwave, Aodix, etc.) can be spent creating. The only remaining thing is; that with only 1gb of RAM, sometimes the VSTs have to be used sparingly. This can involve either rendering/importing tracks which are laden with VSTs, or not using so many VSTs to begin with. Oh, it appears there is 'track freeze feature' but I haven't gotten to that yet. All in all, this is the best $149 I've ever spent on musical 'gear.'

  21. Re: Steinberg Cubase LE Reviews

    Have a down level 1.0.10 version build 110 of Cubase LE which is only used for stereo and mono recording through an Audigy xFi Pro Elite interface. After recording, I load wav files from the Cubase audio folders into FL Studio 9 or ZeroX Beat Quantizer.

    System Win XP sp2; 3.4gHz intel P4; 3G memory.

    Quality: 9

    Gets the job done every time. No glitches

    Reliability: 10

    Never a problem. Use the Creative ASIO driver which is shares with the other program, no glitches.

    Overall wrt stereo recording: 9

    As an input only program and nothing else (no plugins loaded), it is a great product.
    Notice folks are using Cubase LE 4 but i think I'll stay down level because nothing is broken that I can tell.

    Overall wrt mixing: 6

    Wrt mixing with Cubase LE, don't like the user interface. After a few sessions and mixes, went back to DAW software with a more pattern oriented user interface.

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