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  1. NO OUTPUT in Presonus Firestudio

    I have a Firestudio Project and the computer will not pick it up (found new hard ware) through the #1 firewire port on the back. only the number 2 port. So i download all drivers and completly install the unit, map evreything correct, and it works totally fine to record, all 8 preamps work fine, but I get no signal out of the firestudio, not the main outs, genral purpose or headphones. I know to map the output to the firestudio project DAW1 and DAW2 cuz it mirrors the main out and headphones. All the VU meters show activity, its mapped right, it records fine, but get no playback at all. Please Help. (remember this is all with the firestudio projects #2 firewire port, #1 Wont work.


    Also i bought it used and it worked fine for the guy before me though he showed me it worked. He had it daisy chained with another unit though, dont know if that makes a differense. Didnt get a disc with it though... just got the universal control and drivers from the website and installed completly correct

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    Re: NO OUTPUT in Presonus Firestudio

    i have an fp10, and the fact that your using #2 port shouldnt matter. im using the number 2 port and it works fine on playback. if you call presonus direct they will walk you through the process even on your specific daw for troubleshooting. Its better than hit n misses on this forum. And alot of times in their knowledge base they have the answers.

    PreSonus Audio Electronics : Recording Systems

    get started there,if you can't find it submit a request and they will reply to you. the best case is just to call though.

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