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Help with GSnap autotune

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    Help with GSnap autotune

    I'm trying to autotune a penny whistle that is slightly out of tune using a free VST plugin called GSnap. There is one note that is like right on the line between two pitches, and it snaps to the wrong pitch. I can't turn off the wrong pitch because it is used elsewhere. Can anyone tell me the best way to deal with this? It's probably a noob question lol. I'm using Ableton Live. Is there a way to signal when to apply the plugin? If I can do that, I can make one autotune with the high pitch disabled and another with the low disabled. Or should I just cut and paste the clip to a new track that has the wrong pitch disabled? Thanks.

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    Re: Help with GSnap autotune

    You could probably do it with automation by turning the autotune on/off on one track or alternatively you could put the problem note on a different track with the correction needed. These are basically the same method just setup differently in the DAW.

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    Re: Help with GSnap autotune

    You can also use midi to have Gsnap force it to a particular pitch no matter what the actual note is that's being tracked. The manual gets you started on how to set this up. Just use automation to mute/unmute/mute Gsnap in your insert.

    Although I thought part of a penny whistle's character was that it is usually out of tune?
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