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Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??

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    Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??

    Hey guys, I've been using Cubase LE4 for quite a while now to record audio and also draw in my own instrument parts. I recently purchased a new keyboard and figured I should start using that to create MIDI parts instead of drawing them in manually.

    The thing is, I set up an instrument track and have my Firepod's MIDI input as the input for the track, and have a VST instrument as output. When I open the key editor I can see that Cubase is recognizing the keys I am playing on my keyboard and the VST instrument plays what I am playing on the keyboard, but when I hit the record button Cubase won't record my MIDI input. The key editor still shows what notes I'm hitting but they don't get recorded on the track.

    How can I get Cubase to record the MIDI input? Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??

    Do you have the midi track armed to record ?

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    Re: Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??

    You mean record enabled? Yes I do. Actually what happens is when I record the track, only the very last note that I played actually shows up as a recorded note. Its as if the notes are being recording but being "replaced" by the next note I play...so that at the end only 1 note winds up being recorded, the last one that I played. When I look at the key editor, the note I play shows up as a bar as if I drew it in. Then when I play the next note, the first note disappears and is replaced by the new one.

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    Re: Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??


    did you ever resolve this problem, if so, how?
    I have been using Cubase for about a year,with an Audiogram6 and am fairly comfortablewith it, but just bought a USB keybord an M-Audio O2.
    I set up the Halion one it plays the sounds for the instruments through the monitor but will not record anything. With the exception of using the Loop button on the transport for a few measures and recording while looping it will record the notes then, but they are out of sync. Can anybody help?


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    Re: Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??

    Yeah, I did fix the problem. I had only been using one MIDI cable, coming out of the keyboard's MIDI OUT and going into the Firepod's MIDI IN. Turns out I also needed one coming out of the Firepod's MIDI OUT and going into the keyboard's MIDI IN, allowing for communication both ways.

    What I have learned though is that Cubase has a problem when recording MIDI sometimes. Sometimes I will be recording MIDI and several minutes in, Cubase will stop recording the MIDI. I did a lot of research on this and found that it's simply a glitch in the software. I use Cubase LE 4. The way I fix this is I save what recorded and then restart the software and pick up where it left off.

    I hope this helps ya

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    Re: Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??

    I'm using a USB keyboard, but I actually fixed my problem. The keyboard clock was not synced to everything else. It is now and I am off and running.
    Thank you so muck for the quick response! This sure seems like a great forum

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    Re: Cubase recognizes MIDI input but won't record it??

    Yeah this place rocks! Everyone is so helpful, most of what I learned about recording came from this community.

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