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    where to connect mixer?

    soon My small mixer is coming
    I already have Tascam

    Where does a mixer go ?

    Will my Mic , guitar etc go to mixer and from mixer to tascam?

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    Re: where to connect mixer?

    There will be some diagrams in the manual, and you can probably download the PDF if you can't wait. I'd let the mixer sit in the box, until you get the interface figured out.
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    Re: where to connect mixer?

    Tascam what? We need more details.

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    Re: where to connect mixer?

    Read Killer Home Recording: Setting Up. It may not answer your specific question but hopefully when you're done reading it you'll have a better idea of what your question should have been.
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    Re: where to connect mixer?

    Originally Posted by Iamhere
    Where does a mixer go ?
    This should help:

    Using a Mixer with a DAW

    The article shows connecting a mixer to a computer and sound card, but the principle is exactly the same with an external recorder.


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