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    Why Cant i hear my recordings?

    I recently purchased the m-audio fast track ultra, it came with ableton lite 7 and i am using windows 7! I have downloaded all the lastest drivers from m- audio, i am pretty much a beginner at this so bare with me. I am able to record my guitat into ableton through the ultra but as soon as i plug the ultra into my laptop i cannot hear anything from my computer, therefore i can only hear my recordings if i transport them to mp3 but then i cannot add to them as i am unable to hear playbacks! I am need of serious help! Anyone have any solutions?

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    Re: Why Cant i hear my recordings?

    It sounds like you dont have an output buss set up inside your project. You need to create an output buss and then make sure th audio that you want to hear is routed to that buss.

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    Re: Why Cant i hear my recordings?

    You may want to check out the basics of soundcard routing in


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    Re: Why Cant i hear my recordings?

    how do i go about changing the output buss ? i am very very new to this!

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    Re: Why Cant i hear my recordings?

    If the maudio Ultra is your interface, and you can record guitar signal through it ---- then your computer and your interface are buddies. The sounds you are putting into the computer travel like this: Guitar -> Maudio ultra (do you use a di box?) -> computer -> ableton. Right now, your computer is most likely set up to where the sound must travel in the opposite direction to come out for you to hear: ableton ->computer -> M-audio ultra -> output jacks on the Ultra. Your computer is sending the audio signal from ableton to your interface to the jacks called "Outputs." Outputs 1 and 2. Not to your computer speakers. You will not hear it from your computer speakers...unless you configure your computer output to be your normal speakers and not your audio interface (but we'll assume you're NOT going to do that). Instead, you need to hook up your monitors to "Outputs 1 and 2" on your audio interface. If that made no sense or what I addressed was not the problem, let us know and we can help

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