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    what to do with broken headphones?

    if you are like me you have a pair of sucky headphones laying around that no longer work right or stay on your head because you broke the band on them...

    well i have used these in rather cool ways!

    you can plug them into a pre amp and turn the gain up high and lay a lofi track of vocals for a nice effect in the back ground... i even once used it on guitar that seemed to sound ok but kind of grainy....... hmmm might even find a use for that sound too! i have found the cheaper the phones the more distortion you can get... i had a pair of 90 cent phones that rocked out on a background vocal, while i had a $40 pair that sounded dabg clean and purty... try it out and see how much you can do with them.... i once clapped a pair on top of a guitar also.. but it sounded muffled, again might be able to use that sometime.

    play around with it and see what happens, let us hear some of what you got out of it!
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    Re: what to do with broken headphones?

    WOW. I've never even thought of anything like this... gotta try! I might try running them into a pre that runs into an amp then pumping that amp for naturall clip distortion and micing that, I have a feeling that could give off something really really really cool. I'm gonna try I'll get back to you on this one!

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    Re: what to do with broken headphones?

    i will say that its easy to get feadpack with them if you do not watch what you are doing... i used to run them into my gutiar amp and have a plast talking into them and using my newer good pair head phones to keep the feadback away.... i would record with a line out rather than a mic myself but you can play around with what ever you like its all fun... do not think that you will get a pure clean vocal track made with a set..... these things were not made to do that after all... if you not want broken headphones buy the More Me headphones from Harvey Gerst... like $30 plus shipping gets you a really nice pair of tracking phones.... one last note though the More Me phones DO NOT make a good mic.. they sound really muffled and it takes a lot more gain and you have to yell into them almost to get a sound... cheap wimpy phones work better i think for some reason.
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    Re: what to do with broken headphones?

    Depending on what is broken....As long as they are operable and will 'clutch' things, I have heard you can plug them into a tuner, put earpieces on an acoustic (one earpiece on each of top and back of guitar, or hold single earpiece on top I suppose),, and tune it in a noisy environment (band rehearsal, etc) that would otherwise preclude tuning an acoustic that has no pickup.

    Have not tried, but source is reputable.


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    Re: what to do with broken headphones?

    One man's trash is another man's treasure. Great ideas, keep em comming.


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