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  1. Amplitube metal problem

    I thought I should try out amplitube metal, but this gave me a big pain in the ass, as the thing wont work. Here's the problem:

    there is no in signal! and then there says in the right corner "waiting for hardware device connection", what does this mean? I know I got
    MY audio gear connected, as it works perfectly with GR3, but do you need an external pedal or something that I dont know of?

    thanks for any help!

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  3. Re: Amplitube metal problem


    It seems like the settings isn't automatically signed to its right places... this is not an issue with amplitube 2, guitarrig 3, revalver or any other VSTi I've tried... I cannot find my mic input on the setup list eighter.

  4. Re: Amplitube metal problem

    .... and I think I'm missing an .CFG file.... I dont know if theese are universal, or if they work seperately, but if someone know, could they give me a wink?
    thanks again =)

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    Re: Amplitube metal problem

    Did you ever figure this one out? I've never used Amplitube so I really can't be of much help.


  6. Re: Amplitube metal problem

    nope, it's still a pain in the ass... but no worries, I dont have a computer good enough to run 2-3 tracks of this program at the same time anyways, so I'm kinda lost on how to go forth with this. what I've done before is that I've used my guitar pedal straight into a Konnekt 24d, and then used Ampsimulator to smooth things out... but this (really) has it's limitations... unfortunately. I could upload a track of what I've made, for you to hear and give me som guidelines on what I can do better, etc... But I know I gotta get myself a new mothercard and som RAM- chips before I'm able to record something nearly as pro as you guys.

    and yeah, my pc's an old eMachines thing from 2004, payed 750 $ for it back then.

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