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POPPING / Cracking sound

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    Exclamation POPPING / Cracking sound

    Just put pro tools on my Vista laptop
    I keep getting this popping sound when I load(import) a beat(audio track) in pro tools
    It plays fine outside of pro tools but it pops when I play it in the convert region window and the mix window
    Latency changes didn't help, Sample rate changes didn't help used 44.1 on my xp laptop would like to keep it the same
    Vista SP1 / M-Powered 7.4cs2 / Mobile Pre

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    Re: POPPING / Cracking sound

    Originally Posted by repete86
    When does it pop? Are there two audio files back to back on the same track? Is it popping as soon as you hit play? Is it popping just randomly in the middle of the track?
    Its popping as soon as I hit play. When I go to impory audio and select an instrumental and press play in the convert region window it pops. If I go ahead and import it and let it load as the only track in protools & play it it pops. It pops randomly all through the track, usually at the same points though. The beat is split left & right on the same track.

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    Re: POPPING / Cracking sound

    Sounds like either - Conflicting Sample Rates...

    Ensure sample rate is the same for session as imported data...

    Perhaps are running out of processing power...

    Increase your H/W Buffer size (goto Setup - Playback engine)


    You are monitoring using Coax (Digital out from pro-tools) Check that this is plugged in properly.


    Pro-Tools is running as a slave to a master clock which is set to the wrong sample rate.

    Check whatever you have set as your master clock source is running at the same sample rate as Pro-Tools.

    Hope this helps...
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