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    Sonar X2 latency issue

    Just recently got ahold of X2 not knowing what to expect, Im upgrading from audition 3.0.

    The problem Im having is that I get drop outs in my recordings. I saw a similar thread with a guy who had sonar 8. I made sure my sample rate in the profire mixer and the X2 were matched up. I then messed around with the buffer size in sonar and found that increasing or decreasing the buffer size only sped up or slowed down the intervals with which the dropouts appear. I then made sure that the profire and and sonar matched up with the sample rate I normally use, which is 44100. Didnt fix it either. checked my CPU usage while sonar was operating, and the levels were low enough that it couldnt of been the cause.


    Make of pc: Asus

    Brand of CPU, speed of CPU and number of cores: windows 7 64 bit

    Amount of RAM:8 gigs

    How many hard drives, how many gigs of space per hard drive and what is the RPM of the hard drive:

    What is the name and model of your soundcard:Not sure, but I bypass my computers soundcard and I use the soundcard for my profire 2626

    What bit and sample rate is your soundcard currently set to in your soundcard control panel: 256/44100

    Are you using Sonar in WDM, ASIO, or MME mode:WDM

    What bit and sample settings are configured in Sonar:256/44100

    If you are using MME or WDM, did you run the Wave Profiler for your soundcard:Yes

    Are you using a midi interface? If yes, which one:No

    If possible can you supply screen shots of the tabs in Sonar options/audio: (There are many tweaks we can perform here to better stabilize your system. Knowing how you have all this stuff set can really help us to help you.)

    How many running applications do you see when you press ctrl/alt/del:

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    Re: Sonar X2 latency issue

    You're recording with a bit depth of 256?

    24 is more than enough, some use 32.

    The first step to low latency is the interface, what interface are you using?

    I always used ASIO so I was surprised to find that I needed to use the WDM kernal mode with X2.
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    Re: Sonar X2 latency issue

    Well, 256 is the lowest my interface will go... and its a profire 2626 interface. and yeah for audition I used ASIO but for some reason X2 wont let me use asio

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    Re: Sonar X2 latency issue

    Have you set the H/W Buffer in sonar to as low as it will go?

    Have you tried installing Asio4All? if not, google it, its free, that may work.

    I'm not a sonar user, these are just off the top of my head thoughts.
    there are sonar users in here tho so hopefully they will come forward and help.

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    Re: Sonar X2 latency issue

    ^Yes, like I said before, adjusting the buffer only slowed down or sped up the interval of the dropouts, ill look into the asio4all though

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    Re: Sonar X2 latency issue

    256 must be how many samples your buffer is set for...

    So it won't go any lower than that.

    I don't think I have a choice, mine is a 24bit interface and that's it.

    Maybe make sure you have the latest drivers from maudio.
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