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    Question Using the Samson C01U mic in Cubase 5 (Windows 7)

    Hi - It's me again with another sticky problem to overcome...

    My Samson C01U mic is not detected in Cubase 5 for some reason. The mic is a USB Audio Class compliant device so it should work without special (extra ASIO?) software drivers.

    Samson support FAQs includes "Using the Samson C01U in Cubase LE (Windows)" but the Cubase 5 device options are different.

    • Devices
    • Device Setup...
    • VST Audio System
    • ASIO Driver is Creative ASIO
    • Direct Monitoring is OFF (default)
    • I/O Ports (Samson C01U mic is not listed).
    • Audio Track
    • Monitor is ON (Samson C01U mic is not heard)
    • VST Connections - Inputs
    • Mono In
    • Audio Device is Creative ASIO (the only device detected)
    • Device Port (Samson C01U mic is not heard on any ports)

    The mic/line is working ok thru my sound card to record my guitar.

    Sound Forge is able to detect my Samson C01U mic and I can record vocals that way.
    Windows 7 (if it matters)

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Using the Samson C01U mic in Cubase 5 (Windows 7)

    Samson's technical support provided some help - so I'm posting it here as it may help other people with USB mic problems:

    The FAQ was intended for the first edition of Cubase LE.
    We don't officially support it so we recommend contacting Steinberg, the company who made the software.

    If using a newer version, I'd suggest downloading the ASIO4ALL Driver, which allows you to combine multiple sound inputs and outputs into one driver, and it seems to work best for Cubase. You can download the driver for free at

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