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Project Mix I/O - Cubase SX 3 Problem

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    Project Mix I/O - Cubase SX 3 Problem

    Hello folks,

    I use Cubase SX3 with an M-Audio ProjectMix I/O firewire audio interface/control surface.

    I'm currently trying to record drums at home and so therefore need to record multiple inputs at the same time. the project Mix I/O interface has 8 analog inputs, that all seem to be receiving audio signals fine, the project mix I/O PC control panel also reacts as though it is receiving all 8 signal simultaneously fine.

    The problem begins when I try to record these multiple inputs on Cubase. When I add an audio track the only audio inputs available to select are;

    M-Audio FW ASIO Stereo In > Left
    M-Audio FW ASIO Stereo In > Right

    Meaning I can only record a maximum of two tracks at once, which is crap.

    Please, please can anybody help? (Apologies if I seem ignorant or have overlooked something elementary)

    The only thing I can think of is when I go to 'Device Setup'>'VST Audiobay' within Cubase the only Master ASIO Driver I can select is 'M-Audio FW ASIO'. In the projectmix I/O instruction manual it tells one select 'M-Audio Multichannel', however this is not available?

    Mellifluous Regards
    Dowlf Broncko

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    Re: Project Mix I/O - Cubase SX 3 Problem

    hi have you tried going to the device set up - vst connections? go to the add bus and you can add either mono or stereo and how many inputs you would like to specify. God bless hope this would help

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    Re: Project Mix I/O - Cubase SX 3 Problem

    I believe ashta hit the nail on the head.
    <~ Vulconizer ~>
    I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

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    Re: Project Mix I/O - Cubase SX 3 Problem

    ashta, Vulconizer,

    A bundle of gratitude to you nice people, problem solved.
    You have ended hours of aimless, frustrated pondering and armed me ready for my drum recording quest.

    Big heart felt thanks, Iím transmitting positive vibes and benevolent karma through the electronic cosmos to you and all your peeps.

    Peace & Flowers

    Dowlf Broncko

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    Re: Project Mix I/O - Cubase SX 3 Problem

    you're welcome and God's blessing to your project

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    hi to all

    I wish I'll be a good member in this amazing site.

    I'm from Palestine and i have a recording studio i work with project mix -cubase sx3 i wish i can help in any oriental music any questions on recording oriental instruments thank you wish you the best


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