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    Portamento in Midi - How

    I am using SX2 which I know is pretty ancient and I am about to upgrade to Cubase 5 Essential.Whatever program I use I want to use portamento to program sounds like saxophone using a midi control keyboard and portamento but I have not been able to achieve this even though there appears to be provision for it in SX2.

    My procedure using SX2 is
    Using Windows XP and my performance keyboard – a Technics 5000:

    Select a midi channel
    Make sure input is my Technics keyboard
    Click Edit at the top of the Inspector
    This brings up a channel Setting window
    Make sure nothing is muted on the left of this window
    Look at the top one of the four right hand slots (labeled s1 in tiny letters)
    Click this ON
    In the “No effect” slot click it and choose Midi Control
    In the window that opens grab portamento and slide to right until it reads say 100
    Come out of that
    Click “not connected” slot below and choose my sound Card (Audigy)
    Choose channel number 1
    Result - no portament effect when I play two consecutive note on my keyboard. No effect in a written line of midi even if there is overlap. No effect if I take it out to Halion


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    Re: Portamento in Midi - How

    Portamento uses two cc's. cc5 controls the speed of the glide (otherwise known as Portamento Time) and cc65 turns portamento on/off.

    So in order to use it, you need to set cc65 to 127, and set cc5 to whatever is appropriate.

    Not all patches are programmed to use portamento data.

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    Re: Portamento in Midi - How

    Thank you for your reply.

    I was trying to use Cubase SX2 to implement Portamento because it is listed as a feature in the DAW and appears to have the settings. However it may be the patch that is causing the problem. That is why I tried send the Midi message (which after all is only numbers) to several sources.

    I did not mention it before but I did try this using a Midi Control Keyboard and programmed two adjacent sliders to #CC65 and #CC5 making sure that the former was 64 or above and therefore ON. But this did not work either yet I know that if I used the same method with say Modulation (#CC1) then it worked.

    Thanks for replying to my other query. I am going to contact the Vendor (who has already rung me from Canada (I am in the UK)) before replying.

    Incidentally I liked the music on your website. There's a few questions I would love to ask but they are not appropriate to this forum and I am reluctant to take up your time.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Portamento in Midi - How

    Cubase has always been able to make use of all cc's - even going back to its Atari ST days. If you can't get portamento to work on your keyboard then the keyboard is probably the problem. Cc's are just instructions - synth patches have to be able to interpret them and carry out the instructions. If you get into the world of virtual instruments you will find that many have their own interpretation of what is to happen when a particular cc is used. So modulation may not give you vibrato for instance... this is a major part of the flexibility of MIDI and why it has lived so long!

    If you want to ask a question inappropriate to the forum, you can pm me.
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