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    Cubase vs. Ableton

    Hey everyone,
    So what's the difference between a program like Cubase, and a program like Ableton? Cubase seems to have some very useful things I'd be interested in like vocal editing and pitch correction. Can Abelton do this as well? What about a program like logic?

    Would there be an advantage to have both ableton and cubase (and perhaps logic)?

    If you have a large sound library in ableton, is there still a use in having a large sound library on your piano/keyboard/synthesizer?

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    Re: Cubase vs. Ableton

    What's the difference between a wrench and a socket set? Both get the job done, but in different ways. One's a little harder to use, but in the end it's all about personal preference.


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    Re: Cubase vs. Ableton

    Live is oriented towards a performance situation and cubase is a recording studio type thing. But both can be used any way you want.

    Try them both. Good to try different sequencers to compare and learn what's possible.
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    Re: Cubase vs. Ableton

    can ableton live 8 do vocal editing and pitch correction as well? Where can I go about finding a manual? Is there a free online one or do I need to buy it from somewhere?

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    Re: Cubase vs. Ableton

    Go to their website, most have manuals in the support section.
    I never finish a mix, just abandon it.

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