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Connecting a mic to Cubase 5

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    Question Connecting a mic to Cubase 5


    Previously, before I had Cubase 5, I used Sony Acid Pro to do some basic recordings but didn't really like it. My set up was this:

    A Shure SM-57 mic
    An Emu 0202 USB 2.0 Audio Interface
    Sony Acid 7 Pro

    I connected the mic to the interface via XLR. I connected the interface to my computer via USB. It didn't take me long how to figure out how to select the recording interface in Acid, and I was able to do a few basic recordings and they sounded fine for the most part.

    But I am not able to figure out how to set up my mic in Cubase like I did in Acid. I know Cubase is a great program, but for a beginner like myself, I find it a bit overwhelming.

    So, how do I connect my mic to Cubase 5 to do some recording? Step by step would be extremely helpful



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    Re: Connecting a mic to Cubase 5

    The first thing you need to do is select the correct driver in Cubase to make sure that the program can communicate with the audio hardware:

    1. Launch Cubase, select Device Setup from the Devices
    menu and click on VST Audio System in the Devices list to the left.

    2. Select your Emu 0202 driver from the ASIO Driver menu.

    3. Select the driver in the Devices list to open the Driver
    settings for your audio hardware.

    4. Bring up the control panel for the audio hardware and
    adjust the settings as recommended by the audio hard manufacturer.

    You will then need to set up your VST Connections.

    1. Open the Devices menu and select “VST Connections”.

    2. Check to see if you have a Stereo Output. If not click the “Add Bus” button. Choose “Stereo” for configuration and “1” for count and click OK.

    Open the “Input” tab.

    1. Click the “Add Bus” button. Choose “Mono” for configuration and “1” for count and click “OK”.

    2. Next, click in the “Device Port” column to select the audio inputs of your audio card for the stereo and mono inputs.

    This should get you ready to record. See the "Getting Started Manual" for Cubase 5 for further details. It has step by step instructions.
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