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    cant use asio 4 all driver in cubase 5

    i get no play back when using this driver it tells me the the state is inactive yet i was using this driver in cubase 3sx with no problems is it because iam using the computers internall sound card and not a dedacated exteranal sound card?

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    Re: cant use asio 4 all driver in cubase 5

    it shouldn't matter I wouldn't have thought, were you using an external with sx3? try closing all programs (including those in startup) that might use sound, open your asio panel through cubase, turn on all the in's and out's of your soundcard, and then restart cubase. I had similar problems with asio4all before I had asio that came with my interface, I just played with it until it worked. I know external programs using sound does give cubase problems, as I think it tries to take over the sound card when it is running. (hope that makes sense)
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