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    Breath to Aspire - VasDim`s Mix

    Hi All.
    I don`t use Drums.wav. Drums are from midi file with my Soundfont bank. For guitar and bass just mixing a amp files.

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    Re: Breath to Aspire - VasDim`s Mix

    hey there buddy, nice job, i think using the midi drums worked out great for you, although the cymbals in some area's are a little harsh, i LOVE your snare though great, the kick somtimes get lost in the mix, but it is kind of hard to get that kickin kick drum, but you have to in this kind of music, also when the synth part comes in, i think it was a little to loud in the mix, i dont think that part should be as loud, or louder then the actual guitars, but i really like your mix either way, just my thoughts Cheers buddy, and 1 last thing, the vocals in the chorus'es are a little muddy, maybe at the 250hz range

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    hey, the drums are not bad, but harsh like mattd546 mentioned above. The snare sounds very brash, try to give it a better place in the mix by adding a reverb/hall to it. The cymbals have very piercing highs, try to tame that a bit.
    The guitars sound very aggressive and thin to me. That seems to be an ''high frequency problem'' again. Maybe there is a lack of clarity in your room so you are forced to boost the highs...just a thought..
    A Drum Hall Bus could be needed to give the kit more space. everything sounds on the same depth to me. But maybe this can be solved a bit if you'd lower the drums in volume.
    no harm meant! cheers!

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    Re: Breath to Aspire - VasDim`s Mix

    When I listen at low volume all I can hear is snare and vox--- and a buzzy hi end fuzz coming from the guitars. Remember, guitar cabinets rarely produce frequencies above around 6-8khz-- so when your mixed guitar has such an abundance of extreme hi frequency it just sound wrong to me. The vocals sound pretty good though-- I think if you just tweak the guitar tone a bit and work on the balance between instruments you'll be doing really good
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    Re: Breath to Aspire - VasDim`s Mix

    Hey man, welcome to the forum and the chaos,
    Typing as I listen, your mix feels overly bright and harsh. The guitars seem to contain a lot of high end fizz which is creating almost a hiss that lacks definition. Interesting chimey effect too, kind of works in parts, perhaps a little too prominent and frequent though. The cymbals are also quite bright and when all the guitars and crashes are in full swing, the mix becomes quite tiring. It could be a case of just bringing the crashes down and altering the guitars to bring in a little more body.
    Vocals sound pretty good in all respects and the snare really suits. The kick drum gets quite lost and means that the snare often pokes out a little, but again, this is probably due to the masking effects of the guitars and cymbals.
    I sound like I've torn it apart but that is not my intention. The balance and spread of everything is pretty much spot on, it really could be just a case of treating those guitars a little differently that would make this mix jump in scale tremendously. Really good job overall!
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