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    You need to be more controversial than this.

    It's all the illuminati, there everywhere. they are the real Matrix, and they are everywhere. Now based on the book "Ragnarock: the age of fire and gravel," by Ignatius Donnelly, and "Earth In Upheaval," by Immanuel velikovsky, and "Pole Shift," by John White, and finaly "Maps Of the Ancient Sea Kings," by Charles H. Hapgood, the evidence has been put forth, of man's ancient knowledge of, and scientific eveindence of the earth's survival thru catastrophic events, resulting in "Pole Shifts," of which the human race survived.

    Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, shows the Zeno Brothers maps, and the Turkish Admiral Piri Reis, etc.., show eveidence of the world having been previously mapped, including antartica ice free, etc.., ---but that the data had been corupted, and thus in the sum of maps Hapgood deals with, He found some of Central America, which seemed to indicate Cairo Egypt, as the North designation of those maps, while the Piri Reis map shows a missing section in which the amazon river bason, and river were inserted twice, etc.., all of which leads to a construction, with Antartica being depicted ice free, and all of the other evidence, in maps of various poor degrees of depiction, all seemed to show a spherical triginometry of a globe, with Cairo Egypt as the aproxiamte North focus depiction of this spherical map, had been converted to a flat projection, where pieces of it, popped up here and there, with varying degrees of accuracy, etc..,

    And as such, the ancient Illuminati, and Rosicrucian, Masonic, Templar, and other secret orginizations, and then outward manifestations of them, have been working towards a secret universal belief, in which they have exposed portions of outward manifestations of themselves, when they could ---but on Friday the13th 1307, the Templars did recieve a secret advanced warning, and their entire fleet off of the coast of France disapeared, and then in the following supposed elimination of them, while they were strong, and feared in parts of Europe ( it was reported that they were eradicated ), but instead they seem to have helped Switerland defeat it's enemies to become a nation, and helped the Scottish under Robert The Bruce defeat the British, etc..,

    And then we come to Rosslyn Chapel, which indeed does depict American Trifoil flower, Maze, and Alo Vera, I believe etc.., because The Templars did visit the Americas?????????????

    And there are other oddities, such as King James 1st of England, gave Oak Island to Sir Francis Bacon, where a carved stone heart was found, matching one left in the caribbean, apart from what may or may not be burried, in a carefully constructed pit on oak island???????????????

    Leonardo Davinci, who via a few written refferences, seemed to clearly have hated the sacred feminine, and both He and Michelangelo, both hid secrets in their artwork, but Davinci, seemed to be exposing the esoteric Kabbalah, due to his hatred of the sacred feminine, and it's inner ( when viewing a subject ) feminine side of the kabbalah being on the left, while the masculine is on the right ---and thus the intention of the last supper would be to expose, and not promote what Dan Brown claims in the Davinci Code, which is not the 1st book on the subject either, and neither is "holy Blood Holy Grail," ---even though that book was partialy inspired by the Planchard faked documents, planted in a french National Library, etc..,

    So even though Dan Brown's depiction is the exact opposite of how Davinci would have felt, and what He believed, it is an old sacred feminie gnostic version of reality ---lest we forget such works as which cover the ancient gnostics and their amulets, which shows gnosticism is a war between the sexes, in esoteric conflict, or esoteric/exoteric conflict and hell, ----which was a powerfull and sudden force outwardly manifested at the very beginnings of Christianity.

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    Re: You need to be more controversial than this.

    Or lest We also forgett that Francis Bacon was indeed involved in a secret society, and books which show the extensive and secret, and esoteric usage of watermarks being used on paper in Francis Bacons day, or the almost continual usage of the cryptogram and other ciphers thru histroy, even as an intellectual pastime, and such people as founding fathers, thru to the days of and including Edgar Allan Poe, who played with cyphers and criptograms, which allways seemed to have been part of the human imagination, and it is not so far fetched to see that they seem to have been placed within the shakespeare plays before the advent of our newer distractions of photography, film, video games, and My favorite The Metal Distortion Pedal!!!!

    And Francis Bacon indeed, seems to have, with Ben Johnson, and others made use of Bacons' personal Library to create works, in which 16 of the Shakespear plays, in the great folio released in 1623, after Shakespeare's death, were unheard of before that, ( or rather there is no proof of their existence before the great folio ), which indeed is so overly-worded, that modern translations of shakespeare have allways tried to find a mix between the great folio version, and the sonnets, to make a supposedly readable version ( because I certainly don't like the pretentious wording of shakespeare ),

    ----but infact did Francis Bacon, and Ben johnson, and others steal from the works of Christopher Marlowe, and Bacon's private Library, and create these 16 plays, and the bloated plays of the folio in general?????,

    ( not that the theatrical speech of that day is liked by Myself in general ), to place the great Cryptogram within the plays, which by the way Ignatius Donnelly, also supposedly discovered, and was 1st to publish it, [ not that others have not found small pieces of cryptograms before in the plays, which pointed to bacon, and others in His secret Society???? ], and Ignatius Donnelly, also wrote a 1st on Atlantis and the antidiluvian world as well, in His day, as the ongoing facination the world has allways had with the occult.

    And could not the works of Nostradamus, be looked upon, as a system of internal conflict, and internal divination, as much as, and as well as prophecy, which reflects an internal triune conflict, as Aleister Crowley also came to conclude that the "Book Of The Law," which was dictated to Him, thru Rose, in 1904 in Cairo Egypt, ---that the "Book Of The Law" reflected "Three Intelligences" batteling for supremecy/voice within the work???????????

    And is there not an ongoing conflict in popular culture between various gnostic/qabbalistic themes as are portrayed, from one perspective or annother, that we can not see in the Matrix trilogy, vrs various other expressions of art, from heavy Metal, such as from it's inception with Black Sabbath, or some strange Lyrics From offerings from Cream, to Nirvana in "heart Shaped Box," to other artist Lyrics of how "We are flies caught in the vasoline," etc..,

    For US to pretend there are not major religious gnostic, and other esoteic religious wars, which have allways been brewing amongst Us?????????

    For William Blake, wrote of how Francis Bacon, other than Bacons esoteric offerings, and the concept of "A new Atlantis," but of How Blake wrote of how Bacon destroyed the western world, because many artists live these very conflicts, and hate eachother for it, even though none of it, or anything exists, right?????????

    And is it not true that Benjamin Franklin was a Roscicrucian, and a Mason, and He introduced Voltaire into the lodge of the Nine Muses, for His indoctrination into Masonry, or that the Masons who gave Us the American revolution met at the Green Dragon Tavern, to plan and exocute the Boston tea party, and other ploys in a Masonic scheme of their day?????????????

    And is it not true, that the founding of the United States, is supposed to be this new Atlantis, because the secret history of the world, based on these maps, though hidden for long, showed up in corrupted but provocative pieces in the maps of the ancient sea kings???????????

    And is it not true that this triune-gnostic warfare, which is supposed to kabbalisticaly enslave the human race, has allways bee around in the kabbalah, which is much older than it's published works, but which can clearly be shown to be gnosticism of the worst kind, via recent works such as "Kabbalah and Eros," etc.., ????

    And is it also not true, that these beliefs, based on these ancient maps, see this gnostic, Alien, spiritual warfare, as somehow dictated by a Histrorical plan, anticipating it's eventual rise, and is this not the real reason behind manipulations of Hisstory which gave rise to WWI, and the circumstances which created WWII, etc.., ????????

    And are these beliefs not, anticipated, in the ancient globe, supposedly leading, and drawing the loose gnostic illuminati etc.., of the past, thru to it's expressions which can be seen in the art of this day, though universaly denied to exist????????? And in anticipation of Hudson Bay supposedly representing a feminine exoteric outward form of a woman, with a hole blown thru the back of her head, leading to the Baltic Sea, as Capricorn type of an inner man, emerging esotericaly, with an erect phallus, only to lead to the image of the human, found to be depicted as The Iberian peninsula, thru continental Eurpoe, and infact, are there not catholic paintings, depicting this image derived from Iberian peninsula thru Europe as the Virgin Mary????? Although this depicition, has to ignore, or styleize away the beastly image, converted human, and the Agean-Cow-utter-like underbelly?????????

    but this leads us to the enourmous 2400 mile long Mediterranean Sea, which has allways been esotericaly looked at, and didided in half, as the eastern Old Man with Beard, "Great Architect," vrs the western Oracle/Ghost femminine?????????????????

    Which then leads us to the slightly elongated and semi-human, semi-primate, head of the Great "Gulf Of Mexico," which when partialy traced with Central to South America, forms a natural image of a Primate headed Sphinx???????

    And most of the rivers of the Continental United States, pours into the eyes, of this bizare Alien looking, elongated half human half primate image????????

    And has man not allways esotericaly, or inwardly battled, over this for lack of a better word gnostic, or polytheistic - monotheistic triune-beast warfare, vrs religion, in which for nearly 2000 years Christianity has been married to this gnostic world system, and therefore, inspite of any of it's protestations, is a poor example and judge, to claim to even .0001% that it holds to what it claims to hold to, down to almost the very last man, women, and child, who profess to represent it acurately at all????????????????

    And The RCC ( Roman Catholic Church ), as a prime example, just as the Greek Orthodox, or Armenian, or Patriarcy Of the East ( persian lands ), thru Coptic, and Ethiopic, thru protestant, and post protestant offerings, etc.., seem to Me to be the very Hell they preach they don't love??????????

    Do they not indeed seem to swear both by "Baal and yahweh," or "Ashteroth And Baal and Yahweh," at the same time??????????????

    I despise Christians, for as Gahndi once remarked when He was asked about "Western Civilization," said something to the effect "Sound's great, when are they going to try it?????????????"

    Or am I simply off My Meds??????????????

    You decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: You need to be more controversial than this.

    Meds are allways nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: You need to be more controversial than this.

    some people need more than meds

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    Re: You need to be more controversial than this.

    Cool!!!!!!!!! Meg-Meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, I posted this thread, in response to some dull threads, which acted as if nothing exists, except this fucked up physical world which We observe ----which has always been a view challenged by "Art," ----especially real Heavy Metal, which involves standing up to the world, and telling it, how it can go fuck itself, if it doesn't move out of the way ----once it has attempted to have it's evil way ( I am paraphrasing lyrics, in theory from everyone from Black Sabbath, to whomever, who would say such things about how when "The World had it's evil way," ---as per Vol. 4, etc.., )

    And as such, I wrote a very poor thread, ( which was poor because it did not take much of a stance in a positive presentation, in following conclusions thru, etc.., etc.., etc.., ) ---because it put everything in a question kind of way, in it so going from one possible point to the next,

    ----as It would take a great deal of effort to go into every controversy, and proof [ such as how confident some people have been in looking into remarkable ancient map content, such as Antarctica being depicted as being ice free, in which modern science has confirmed the accuracy of the mapped representation, underneath all of the ice there now

    -----and yet how they failed to point out, ( since they were convinced by such proof --- as any reasonable mind would be ), and so in their enthusiasm, failed to go to enough depth to point out, if such theories are correct, just how "Badly" in cases, these maps they drool over as proof, have been drawn

    ----because the knowledge and skills of the day, lacked the ability to do justice to the knowledge passed down ( from the spherical trigonometry world map version, seemingly centered about Cairo Egypt, ---which to various degree of accuracy, and lack thereof, was converted to a flat representation ), ----and as such a percentage of presentation error occurred for example in central and South American map fragments, etc.., ---which when corrected to build the proof ----the presenters could have gone farther to show other errors in mapping skills, which produced a further degree of degradation ---in spite of showing how a missing piece of information was filled in by mapping "The Amazon River / and basin" into the Piri Ris map twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ----And as such Leonardo Davinci, in a drawing, published in a massive book on samples of all of His work, shows a bull ( which looks like a wolf ), traveling across the globe [ depicted in miniature, showing a rough approximation of Europe, and the Mediterranean ], in which the bull is sailing to the west { obviously }, following the 8-point compass, in His ship, --and is thus heading to the new Atlantis, in the west, which Francis Bacon, and the Templars { with maze, and trefoil, and aloe, etc.., being depicted in the Rosalyn Chapel }, etc.., ----and as such the 8-pointed compass points thus presented, also match the 8-point compass depicted in the so called "Lost Book Of Nostradamus," ---which if made by Him, or His son, or whomever, the person certainly had a great deal of knowledge of this great occult secret, as others have eluded to as well.

    ----And as such, the figure-8, representing this teaching as well, is depicted in the Taro, in the card of the magician, etc.., --as also the provocative artwork in Alchemical books, such as the 22 color plates in the "Splendor Solis," and other alchemical works, thru to the art work of William Blake, etc.., ---and up to and thru the Metal Song, and Cinematic, offerings of this last century, thru to now ---always shows those who, manipulate the system for their own ends, and those who complain and fight it as well.

    ---And as such, Christianity, like Judaism before it, etc.., ( not without warning to boot ), have become married to the world system, almost from their very beginnings, to show, the weakness of man, and therefore are more an agent of the worlds secret and hidden Gnosticism, then they claim they are not ( and therefore I trust none of them, as none are true to "the Word," their own word, or any word for that matter ---other than what is wrong with the world ).

    ----And I find it interesting, how the Protestants, when they 1st challenged the Roman Catholic Church, starting with Martin Luther, came to realize that the spirit of the antichrist is always in the world, and always with the church ( and hence a brief belief in the "Idealist" interpretation of Revelation, trumping other views, for a brief moment in history ), while the Reformation progressed, [ and thru which the Catholic and Protestant Movements both wound up calling each other the antichrist ], and how the Jesuits, thru much clandestine and nefarious activities, to make sure the "Futurist" and "Preterist" views, etc.., were the true interpretation, etc.., ----to the point that the Jesuit activates, having so been discovered to exist, that many nations were aware of, and felt the Jesuits were a part of some Masonic Illuminati type of conspiracy, or some such conspiracy activity.

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    Re: You need to be more controversial than this.

    ----And I also find it interesting, how ---when 1) Peter and Paul, both spoke of, and wrote of each others writings, as if they were scripture, and thus had scriptural authority, 2) The 2nd half of the book of acts is silent on the career of Peter, which from scriptural evidence, therefore has to be guessed, 3) How Paul had also written, of their evolving roles saying His mission was to the Gentiles, and Peter's was to the Jews ( And Hence an evangelist, to the Jewish believers within the body of Jews and Gentiles alike, and 4) how Peter, in being allowed to write two general epistles { not proving His future role, to the reight or left ---as they represent what He had to say, in His given role, at the time He wrote them, and thus offer no proof of His role one way or the other after they were written?????}, other than 5) Even though He was known to have written them both in Rome, He ended one with greetings from "Babylon," ---which scholars today point out as being supposed proof, that "Babylon" was a code name for Rome, because the Christians did not want to draw attention to Roman Authorities by name????, even though Paul, etc.., were not afraid to write the word "Rome"????, unless 6) Peter, knew the "death" He would die, was a prophecy, in part to the death of His name and reputation, if "Rome" were to usurp His apostolic authority, to create the whore of Babylon church in His name?????, and 7) The RCC, which claims apostolic authority from Peter, is none other than one of their, never ending, lies, as how could Peter, who's role evolved to that of an Evangelist to "The Jews," be founder of what is supposed to be the only gentile church, who has any authority at all????????? As the RCC does indeed hide behind Peter's name to claim, to be the only church ( And They do indeed mean the only church ), who has apostolic Authority??????? And 7) And Hence their ICONS, which the equally as evil Greek Orthodox Church 1st introduced, etc.., also have, in violation of the 2nd commandment???????, etc.., in a 8) State, in which the entire church became "Married" to the world system, ( and hence the "Idealist" indictments of the condemnations in the 7 church letters of revelation ---which are the universal {idealist} root cause of, and supersede any "Futurist" interpretation -----which can only come when A) the great falling away, and hence B) The restrainer no longer able to restrain, and C) and the Gospel preached everywhere [ while the church to meet the previous point ---is involved in the great apostasy, or falling away ], and hence the gospel as "laodicea" they preach, is a "Disingenuous" gospel to say the least, and hence 9) The spirit of the anti-christ [ also which the bible says there will A) be many anti-christs, and B) in line with that that many will say "I am the Christ," etc.., ], and hence the spirit of the antichrist, and the antichrist himself { if it indeed is personified at some point by one man } --is a spirit of anti=, which in Greek, anti can mean A) "before," as in the anti-Nicene fathers, being those who came before the council of Nicea, and B) "instead of" ----or the spirit that the dead, poor, blind, and naked, church of Laodicea follows in the end times, or the Gnostic anti-physical spirit of the false, or instead of, or antichrist?????????????

    ----You can trust Christianity all You want, ( Or not believe in it at all, if You so choose ), ---But if You believe in it, ----then it's own internal logic, shows how it is the most dangerous thing in existence, within the earth today, because 1) if they are the supposed spiritual authority, and source of restraint, thru which the Holy Spirit works today, then why is the world on the brink of (Thermonuclear, Biological, and Chemical, Warfare) self destruction, in which Islam regards the Gnostic west as the true terrorists of the world, and the west sees Islam as the terrorists of the world, and the hatred, and violence, in the world, and which is brewing underneath the surface ---does not show You, how Christianity, which claims to be in charge of spiritual authority, then also has to be responsible for this "hell" they have turned the earth into?????????????????????

    And 2) If in their supposed Spiritual Authority, where they claim a false dominion theology, of how if they indeed do follow a false, anti-physical spiritual substitute for ( and hence the word anti- ), would this not explain the "hell" they have been able to surrender the world to, while claiming their anti-physical, secret version of what being born again means, --is not a contradiction to all teachings such as A) Your body is You Temple, and so B) If You destroy Your Temple, God will destroy You, and C) Your body = Your House, and = Your temple, in line with O.T. teachings as well, to remain in ones house while the wrath of God passes over the world?????????????

    ----And In My presenting, a non-committal version of a post, which hints at, and mentions some of the proofs, of the entire secret History of the world ( such as if You wrath the 1 hour specials on the Knights Templar, produced by the history, and National Geographic, Channels, etc.., ---they point out how they were destroyed. ---And yet if You watch the 2 Hour Specials, likewise produced by and for the same channels, they instead point out: How do 9 nights protect pilgrims to Jerusalem for 9 Years, by themselves, { and there is also proof in tools left behind that they indeed did excavate beneath the temple mount, and then return to Rome, to suddenly explode on the world stage to become so feared, and powerful ---that in spite of what Philip did to them in France, they were feared and respected still, in other countries, who had no means to challenge them, so they only reported "Oh yea, of Cource We eliminated them!!!!!!!!!!!!," etc.., etc.., etc.., --and show, how indeed an entire fleet of Templar Ships escaped from France in the night, before the morning of Friday the 13th, because they were warned, how they helped fight for and helped establish Switzerland, and helped the Scottish defeat the British ----and in spite what anyone tries to deny about Rosalyn Chapel, where did the "Maze," "Trefoil," and "Aloe" plants, etc.., come from?????

    I don't think I need Meds, I think the rest of the world needs Meds!!!!!!! But because of how the world sucks excrement, if You let it win, and rule over You, I am like Fuck, I wish I had some powerful drugs, to party till i dropped, because the world is a worthless lie ----in which "Pussy Shit" like "Mamma-Mia," and other such shit is so popular, and breaks sales records, etc.., ---I am tired of all the "timber Fake" "Boy Band" "Dancing Pussies" in the world, and how they claim they are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How's that for even more controvery?????????????
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