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  1. Body and Soul (redo)

    Originally Posted by Chazamatazz
    I gave it another try.
    "Body and Soul"
    You are the source Filled with fire
    You are a little star so bright
    Sometimes I'm blown away and blinded
    Don't want to lose you from my sight

    You may be small in stature
    But You've got the brightest soul
    Your eyes are deep and focused
    I need a body like yours to hold

    Just show up
    show your love
    There's not enough in the
    world like ...
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  2. Apex460: How do I change the tube?

    Hi, I just bought an Apex 460 tube mic. I want to replace the stock tube with Electro-Harmonix 12AY7/6072! I opened up the mic but have NO idea what to do. I'm doing my best to resist starting to unscrew things w/o knowing what I'm doing...
    I'd be super grateful if someone could direct me to a You-tube video, schematic diagram or just tell me which screws to unscrew to get enough room to remove the stock tube and replace it w/ the new one.
    Also, I read about lining the mesh screen ...
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  3. Is It A Love Song?

    Originally Posted by munmun
    I don't know if you changed anything but the bottom end is still lacking.
    Thank you for listening. :-)

    I'm currently working on it :
    - Adding some reverb.
    - Doing again the guitar part with a mic capture instead of line input
    - Adding bass
    - Lowering the main voice

    But I'm still doubting about the potential of the song...
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  4. "I can see a rainbow" - Life with Synesthesia.

    Iíve been meaning to whip up a blog entry about this for a year or so since the same topic came up around that time. I am a synsethete. I have synesthesia. The Wikipedia page describes the characteristics and types quite well, but essentially it is when one sense consistently triggers the experience of a separate sense.

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    In my case, letters, numbers, words, pain and some taste/smell evoke a sense of colour. For me, it is most prominent ...
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  5. I'm so fake!

    I realized that it's been almost a year that I've started coming regularly on this forum...
    So I thought it was time to finally confess: Yes, I'm totally faking it!

    The main reason is I don't care how the music is done, as long as it sounds good.

    The other big reason is that when you are stuck in a flat overlooking the main street, with little space, paper thin walls and a child sleeping next door, when the electricity in that flat is so bad, it's a miracle when ...
  6. A.A.M.S Auto Audio Mastering System now donateware

    "Providing a software package that supplies you with Fully Automatic Audio Mastering. Featuring suggestions for Equalizer, Multiband Compression and Loudness settings, internal DSP Processing with all audio corrections done purely inside the AAMS Program. Making the Mastering Process easy and less time consuming, having a good overall sound quality, to process a Mix to a great sounding Master. Turn your mix into an commercial great sounding master."
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  7. "Unwound: Fishman Rethinks the Electric Guitar Pickup"

  8. The Power of the Lowly DAW eq. What a cheap ribbon mic has shown me.

    The power of the DAW eq has made the difference in gear much less then I ever dreamed. The thread about the metal zone petal vs the mic'd guitar using matching eq to make them sound the very similar was eye opening.

    The notion that gear "takes eq well"

    I've used the statement the this mic or that pre "takes eq well". I've seen others use it. The biggest "notion" I've heard is that "ribbon mics" take eq well. REALLY??? They ...
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  9. Tracktion 5 release imminent. New features video

  10. Hitfilm2 Express free until 4 February 2014

    Looking for a professional grade video editor?
    Hitfilm has a promotion on their express version. Normally priced $149 it is free until 04/02/14.
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  11. Q: Which mic pre should I choose? A: None at all!

    The truth I've learned over the last few years is that mic pres matter much less then folks have us believe but even better, more then half the time or more you may not even need one!

    This blog may not pertain as much to the kid with only an outdated mbox but it does pertain to those on the hunt for a killer front end.

    I understand enough about electronics to confuse myself on a good day but my common sense quotient is fairly high so I feel I can talk about matters ...
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  12. Just got a Magix promo email. Check it out while valid

    Valid until 21 January 2014

    MAGIX Music Maker MX Production Suite
    Special price 49 Euro. Regularly priced 250 Euro
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  13. Do daws and plugins have clocking errors and kurnel errors that effect our mixes?

    As the least sciency guy I know this came up on a different forum. It was claimed that some engineers can hear plugins such as eqs and compressors narrow the stereo field just by being activated without processing. The effect is also claimed to be cumulative.

    I needed to hear for myself. I also wanted to know if calculating errors happen in a detectable way.

    Here was my experiment.

    In LOGIC LPX I used logics eq and waves q10 in all the following scenarios. ...
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  14. 9 Volt audio closing down. Massive discounts until 5 January

    It's always sad to hear an audio company closing down. And i always wonder what is the reason. Not enough sales, people retiring etc?. One such company is 9 Volt audio, which's libraries was quite popular , won many awards and which was used by loads of high profile artists and sound designers.

    Anyhow, until 5 Jan 2014 you can buy the full library set for $199.

    From the site
    "In January 2014, we will stop selling our libraries.
    After ten years of ...

    Updated 12-31-2013 at 04:48 AM by fran v (typos)

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  15. Bitwig in final Beta. Release date and pricing to be announced soon.

    I am on the Bitwig mailing list and was the recipient of a nice christmas courtesy email that revealed some interesting info on the DAW some has been waiting for, like forever.

    "Greetings from the Bitwig Headquarters! We hope you've had a sensational 2013 and would like to take the opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
    We're currently approaching the last beta phase stages for our upcoming Bitwig Studio and want to send out a big thank you to all ...
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