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  1. Another Some More Greatest List of TV Themes EVER, Pt. 2

    I had no idea this was so addictive - thinking about this. As before, if one has extra-musical personal relevance for you alone ("I like this one because when I heard it, that always meant it was time for _____ "), save it. Let's keep it about music.

    More from when having a great theme was deemed to be important. Granted, there are themes that are memorable or culturally important that I think are crap, musically. "Those Were The Days" and "Suicide is Painless" ...
  2. 20 Great TV Themes... OF ALL TIME!!!

    In exactly the order they occurred to me. Twenty seemed like plenty.

    1. Six Million Dollar Man Music that actually made him seem like he was running 70 mph. Try that at home.
    2. Rockford Files A great, short piece of music. Just about perfect in all aspects.
    3. Mannix I'm a sucker for the big band jazz waltz any day and this sucker is put together and recorded great.
    4. Barnaby Jones With its alto flute, it's all Mancini-esque and secret agent-y.
    5. ...
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  3. Using My Console Better

    First, this machine and I are no strangers. Presumably you have to know someone pretty well for them to let you put some pipe in them. (see previous blog)

    I am always trying to get the most out this machine. It hasn't failed to be at least competent and some things it can do are really great. Want to learn gain staging quickly? Pick up one of these things up at a yard sale.

    After sound checking at drum kit and doing a bunch of EQ on each mic in the DAW, I thought, ...
  4. Why I Hate Mixing Contests, Pt.2

    There are lots of things folks hate. I'll go out on a limb and say everyone has a good solid dozen they could reach for with little difficulty. Some are social, some political, religious, familial, professional, and on and on. To my mind. it's the yang to love's yin. If you've recently encountered someone who's nature is one of Pollyanna, you know how exhausting that can be. The whole "sweeter than sugar, wouldn't say shit if they had a mouth full of it" act is a bit much to swallow. I ...
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  5. Why I Hate Mixing Contests

    The last one I did was the "Earn A Livin'" one about a year ago and a half ago. It was a fun tune to work on. The tracks needed some help and that was challenging but fun. I learned a lot doing it so I did the current one about as fast as I could. There were a lot of tracks so that wasn't easy. Fortunately, the raw tracks were in much better shape. I didn't mind the clipped bass. I actually was enjoying it.

    That all sounds good, right? That is most of the good part. Here's ...
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  6. Tascam M-600 Console Grounding Mod.

    If there's a worse noise than ground loop buzz, I haven't heard it. Maybe it's not so much the noise but more what it stands for.

    I got this console, recapped it and fell in love with its sound. Very natural and relaxed. I'll leave "oomph" and "fwaaaahr!" and "sparkliness" and "pristine" (I would never buy a product characterized by ad copy as "pristine") or "gives it something" (like measles?) for other people to search ...