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  1. Damn You Abynth 5! Is There An All-Out Grand Slam VST Synth?

    I've got a bunch of fun hardware synths. I'm finding VST synths to be more fun. I set aside two hours per day, each and every day this week to get a handle on Native Instruments Absynth 5. Stephen Ambrose, I can't remember which book it was, mentioned that one of Hitler's flaws in terms of the military machine was he'd assign two different groups the same task. (He believed in competition....rather strange for a guy who hated capitalism.) Anyway, when two competing isolated groups were doing ...
  2. Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Microphone and Movie Scoring

    I wrote this last July and never posted it.

    This weekend was the annual 48 Hour Film festival. The idea is you have 48 hours to make a movie 7 minutes or less starting from scratch. You don't know the genre, required props, or required character names beforehand. At 7:00pm on a Friday night there is a huge rush to toss together a story, locations, cast, etc.

    I brought out my sorta-portable recording rig (which isn't) and setup in a spare bedroom (probably ...